Thursday, June 03, 2010

adventure day: children's museum

For our adventure day yesterday, we met up with some friends (yay!) and went to our favorite children's museum, which is currently hosting an exhibit very dear to Abigail's heart.  Barbies, Barbies, Barbies. Everywhere you look.  Kind of scary in some ways.

Highlights of the exhibit:  an area with tons of glittery fancy dressups and a little catwalk--you could either dress up, or take photos with the very bright-flashing cameras mounted on permanent tripods overlooking the catwalk area (which was just differently-colored carpeting).

The girls had no idea what to do on the catwalk.  Apparently, when in doubt, pick your nose.  Gross, but true.  Abigail figured it out by the end, fortunately.

They also had an area where you could style the hair of three life-sized Barbie mannequins, lots of vintage or collector Barbies (fascinating to me but the girls really didn't care). 

There was another spot where you could dress life-sized mannequins in swathes of cloth, or tiny little doll-sized mannequins in scraps of fabric.  Really, my kids would have been perfectly happy to spend the entire trip at this exhibit alone (I eventually dragged them away, foolish woman that I am, and the day went downhill from there).

Jen, this one's for you.  (Jen is my beloved college roommate [we had an awesome visit last year] who loves the Gone With the Wind movie just as much as I do.  Once when we discovered that neither of the guys we were dating had seen GWTW, we headed over for the study rooms in the Harold B. Lee Library and watched the movie on the projection screen.  We even curled our hair in ringlets for the occasion.  There's a picture somewhere but I'm not sure who has it.  If you're not a GWTW aficionado, you really should read the book.  Which is amazing.  Even my husband says so, and that's saying something.) 

This Barbie isn't exactly the classiest ever, but do you know how rare it is to have a picture where they're both smiling semi-normally?!  Seriously!  I had to post it just for that.

And speaking of smiling, I'm posting this picture so my children will remember that at some point today, Mommy was somewhat sane. 

For the sake of truthfulness, this was not a very lovely day.  I was cranky and the kids picked right up where I left off (honest to goodness, those children kept me awake on that long drive through sheer fury at the inhabitants of the backseat.  Dumping waterbottles on siblings and whacking each other on the head with sandals was just the beginning).  Other awesomeness:  our kitchen got completely taken over by ants, Isaac opened his diaper and investigated the contents with his mouth, etc.  I was on the phone with my mom by that point and at least she got a good laugh out of the narration of awfulness...

So I hope they just remember that we saw lots of Barbies.  And forget the rest. 

And as Scarlett O'Hara would say, "after all, tomorrow is another day."  (thank goodness!!)


Crapos said...

I love that museum. We did not get to see the Barbie exhibit last time because Madoc spent so long in the dinosaur area and Sadie's not actually into Barbies yet. Now I wish we had gone just so I could see the vintage dolls.

Anonymous said...

No, she said "I'll think about it tomoro" and it all looked fun except for the Barbies which I feel the same about as jello salad. gr'ma

Jen said...

Scarlett said both of those things, just for the record. And yes, I knew that off the cuff, because yes, I have a deep and abiding love for GWTW. Rach, I'm posting something on my blog just for you in a bit. Keep an eye out.

Neil said...

I like the nose-picking runway models.

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