Friday, June 25, 2010

vacation destination four: lakeshore, NY

Our campground at Niagara was one that I remember camping at as a child—Four Mile Creek.  It’s absolutely beautiful, and it’s right on the shores of Lake Ontario

One evening, Rosalind (pictured) and I took the girls down to the beach and we all spent a happy half-hour throwing stones in the lake.  It was blissful and so fun (in fact, it was so fun that the girls sneaked away from camp early the next morning [while I was showering and Neil was feeding Isaac breakfast], climbed down the bluff to the lake, got some stones, climbed back up, and coolly returned to camp to proudly show off their spoils.  I don’t think our reaction was exactly the one they were anticipating).

And since it’s Friday and we're coming to the end of the week of camping-related posts, here’s a recipe:  pineapple upside-down cake, which I made in a Dutch oven for Rosalind’s birthday.  Are you ready?  Cake mix + eggs + oil + pineapple rings.   Line your oven with tin foil, grease the foil, lay the pineapple down on the foil, and pour the cake batter over the top (I laced mine with maple syrup to see if it would give it some added pizzazz—it didn’t.)  I think you’re supposed to also put in gobs of brown sugar and butter if you really gooey carmelized goodness, but I don’t eat butter and I forgot about the sugar.  So maple syrup it was.  Anyway—pop the lid onto your Dutch oven, place the whole thing over your coals and put some coals on top, and then check it to see if it’s done.  Do you like how scientific this process is?  (it was done after about 15 minutes, because Neil put on a ton of coals).  Lift the whole thing out, using the foil, and let it cool for a few minutes before you flip it over onto another piece of foil so the pineapple is up.

I should note that this is probably the best-looking cake I've ever made (except I ate a piece out of the side before I put the candles on, for which Rosalind smacked me for sampling her birthday cake before she'd even blown out the candles).  I am truly horrible at cakes.  They fall apart no matter what I do (including having a Wilton-trained friend standing next to me directing the whole process).  Although I did make a really scrumptiously decadent chocolate cake with chocolate truffle filling and strawberries for Abigail's birthday.  It was just sort of lopsided. 

Also...this cake was way too hot for candles.  They're leaning because they're melting into the cake.  A good inch was gone from the bottom of each one by the time we got the candles out...oops!  (but we still ate it all.  Mmm, leftover cake for breakfast...)

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Emily Juliet Ainian said...

Now that I have seen and met your daughters and son in person, I love them even more. They are so darling Rachael!!! You are a great mom - I can tell by the way your little girls and boy look up to you and just love being around you.

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