Friday, June 04, 2010

hail the conquering hero

                       Bedtime for Juliet. 

Neil arrives home tonight; he left Monday morning for the National Science Foundation summer short course at Northwestern.  (Did we do anything fun for Memorial Day?  Nope.)

I've been dreading this week, but it actually went pretty well.  We had one really awful day (Wednesday), but otherwise, it's been pretty smooth sailing.  Smoother than usual, in some ways, since we had dinner at 4:30 every night and I made things that the girls were very excited to eat (like English muffin pizzas, which they made themselves) rather than something Neil and I love but the girls aren't so excited about (like a very zesty curry).  I also adjusted very quickly to having an entire king bed to myself. 

Needless to say, we are REALLY excited to have Neil home.  I'm glad he was able to go--especially since he was awarded a fellowship--but being a single parent for a week wasn't nearly as hard as having my best friend in absentia.  Thank goodness for the fact that I've been able to chat with him every day, but seriously, it will be so good to have him home (and I'm really looking forward to making exciting meals again!  It's so nice to cook for an appreciative audience.)


Crapos said...

A whole week without dad?! Good job for surviving! I don't know if we would have. Although the idea of easy dinners early is really appealing... Neil is way too much of a food nerd to eat "kid food" too often.

Meghan said...

Hope today goes well and that you have a wonderful weekend together.

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