Tuesday, June 08, 2010

for the future nostalgic

This is how we spent this morning, a slow summer day with nothing planned.  It was beautiful and breezy.  Our schedules were completely clear.  I felt energetic and rested and excited for the day. 

We had cantalope and French toast for breakfast.  During Isaac's morning nap, the girls rode their bikes while I primed their headboard (we're working on redoing their room). We read stories together.  I vacuumed and mopped.  The kids had a picnic lunch (in the garage again) while I put another coat on the headboard.  We played on the swings after lunch and I taught the girls how to open up pea pods and shell the peas out into their hands.  We braided grass stems together into little toys for Isaac.  Abigail ate several chives and reeked of onions the rest of the morning.

After Juliet and Isaac wake up from their naps, we'll take a walk (or go to the library if it's raining).  The missionaries are coming for dinner (whole-wheat bread and white bean soup with kale from the garden), and I'm going visiting teaching after the kids are in bed.

Nothing too special about today, but it's been beautiful nonetheless.  And I want to remember it twenty years from now--that I woke up and could spend the entire day doing whatever I wanted to do with the children.  That is a very real kind of freedom.


Meghan said...

I'm so glad you have the opportunity to be home with your children--and even more glad that you treasure it.

Crapos said...

I love it when you're excited for the day. We had one of those days today. We spent the morning trying to paint fireworks and randomly went out to lunch after visiting teaching.

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