Friday, June 04, 2010

Foodie Friday: Dad's whole-wheat bread

The masses have spoken, and whole-wheat bread it is!!!  I am planning to post about the other topics in subsequent weeks, so don't worry if your favorite didn't win.  :-)

This is my favorite bread ever.  It's the one I remember eating all through my childhood, steaming hot and slathered with whipped honey (my dad is the baker I aspire to be someday).  I make it several times a week, and once a week we have a simple dinner of bread, fruit, and vegetables (roasted in winter, fresh in summer).  It is a meal that I know everyone in my family will greet happily and eat with gusto.  Which makes this bread practically worth its weight in gold.  Plus, it will make your house smell like heaven. 

I like it so hot that it bends in the center as you lift it to your mouth, but it's also lovely when it cools and makes fantastic toast (especially of the cinnamon-sugar variety!!)

Go here for the recipe.


Meghan said...

The food of the gods.

Jolena said...

I always love a new bread recipe. I'm definitely going to be trying this one.

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