Sunday, May 20, 2012

adventures in camping

This weekend, we headed south to go camping with our friends Jason & Melanie and their children.  We planned this trip more than a month ago and the kids were SO excited it was finally happening!

Forgive me for posting so many Luke-in-crib pictures; I couldn't resist as he reminded me so much of the ones I took of Jules at the same age when we were camping in the Rockies.  (I probably have some of Isaac somewhere, but he and Luke aren't twinners the same way Luke and Jooj are).

After we set up camp, we started making dinner (we made dinner & they made breakfast; we both packed lunches for the next day.  It was really nice to just focus on one meal!).  Neil insisted that camping deserved some bratwurst, so he was super happy about tasty meat, and the kids (after they asked me half a dozen times if they were tofu dogs or turkey dogs or the kind of hot dogs that have smashed-up worms in them--um, yes, guilty of brainwashing my children) consented to roast hot dogs (and some of them even ate them--but mostly they lived on strawberries).
 After dinner we played at a fun little playground and then went back for the main event--s'mores!  I think the kids made Melanie half a dozen s'mores, which she accepted very graciously each time without any diminishing of enthusiasm.  (She is Abigail's new piano teacher, and Abigail just adores her.)
 I was really glad the kids had such a fun evening, because the next part of the night was a little hairy.  Jules wrapped her hand around a lantern and burned her palm very badly--big, oozing blister--Neil & Jason gave her a blessing and she was able to sleep.  She woke up the next day and her hand was completely fine.  It was interesting because I've been working on a lesson about women & the priesthood for my Laurel class; I started preparing this lesson five weeks ago (I taught it today) and it was almost done, but I felt like there was something missing.

I ended up using that experience with Juliet as my intro today and talked about how grateful I was that the men were able to administer to Juliet and that I never felt shortchanged that night by not being able to bless her myself; I was the one who was comforting her, spreading the burn gel on her palm, getting her ice packs, and I was the one who asked them to give her a blessing and held her while they blessed her.  I spoke with the YW in my class about how my husband and I worked together as partners to ensure our daughter's health and well-being, and how I felt like both of our contributions were equally valid (on that note, I learned SO MUCH in preparing that lesson, so please shoot me an email if that's something you have questions about and I'd be happy to share my notes!!).

Next on the not-so-fun list...Isaac had a crazy nightmare and woke up screaming several times.  Finally, around midnight, we gave up and brought him out and he sat with us while Jason & Neil did their best to scare off the crazy raccoons pacing around our campsite.  Best part:  watching the raccoon fall off the picnic table after a particularly well-placed rock (they were not AT ALL bashful and it was seriously kind of scary to turn around and bam, raccoon!).  Then we went to bed and realized our air mattresses had completely deflated and they were somehow punctured--plus Isaac kept begging us to take him home.  It was a long night and nobody got much sleep.
 I loved this shot--breakfast babies!

The next day we went hiking.  I didn't take many photos (which I really regret) because I was carrying Isaac almost the entire way (my arms ached when I first got up this morning!)  It was really hot (around 90) so I was glad we were mostly hiking down in the ravines, which were a good ten degrees cooler.  And, of course, the Juliet Hair Barometer shows the increasing humidity...

When we stopped for lunch, it was SO HOT!  Suffocatingly so.  Melanie and I started prepping the lunch and then I heard gleeful laughter and splashing and turned around to see this...
 We ended up just lying on the grass for a good hour while the kids played in the water (then we went on one final mini-hike but everyone's shoes were so wet that we couldn't do much more).  We definitely didn't do as much hiking as we wanted to do, but it was so fun to hang out with friends (the chitchat around the campfire when the kids are in bed is always the best part!) and I think the little folks had an absolute blast in their unplanned spigot adventure!

And, of course, we completely wore everyone out...the kids conked out 5 minutes after we got in the car and I slept for 12 hours last night.  Good times.


Meghan said...

Some of these pictures made me laugh out loud. Love the nakey dance!

Melanie said...

I'm wiping tears from my eyes! What a fantastic recap of a camping trip never to be forgotten. Thank you so much for the great memories!

Elise said...

sounds like so much fun! and i love the last shot--that's always how i feel at the end of a vacation.

la Liberté said...

Sounds like fun--in a typical camping adventure sort of way! Ethan and I went camping our first summer in Indiana and said "never again!" We are just too used to camping in the mountains that camping without them doesn't really feel like camping. Although Ethan's been doing scout campouts, which he seems to enjoy. Again, in a typical camping sort of way...

That is such a neat story about Juliet. What a great experience to share with the YW! And I'm totally with you on the whole women and the priesthood thing.

I love that you brainwash your kids about hotdogs. I totally support that.

Adrienne said...

that looks super fun!

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