Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Juliet's stream of consciousness

A three-minute sampling of Juliet at the very end of lunch today (I'll spare you my answers and just give her questions/comments):

Sometimes when I am eating my food, I feel a cold shiver go down my spine.  
If lightning hits our house, will we die?
What if our house was made of straw?
What if our walls were this thick [showing with her hands]?
What does a grounding rod look like?
Are zombies real?
Do we have mummies in this land?
Why don't they use coffins in Egypt?
Is Egypt real?
Are ninjas real?
Are there ninjas in this land?
If there are no ninjas in this land, what about when they say "ninja vanish" in Kid History?
Can I go pick some lettuce out of the garden?
Can I go in my bare feet in the rain?
Can Jesus stop the weather?
Why won't Jesus make it stop raining?
Do peaches have hair on them?
Does peach fuzz just grow on the back of the peach's head?
[At this point I told her to drink her milk]
Can I have a sippy lid?
Why not?
[I told her to drink 4 sips and I would tell her a secret.]
That's not a good secret.  Tell me a better one.  Wait.  You drink four drinks and I'll tell you a secret.
[Starts signing "I love you" in sign language.]


Mary Beth said...

Somehow it's the "this land" ("are there ninjas in this land?") that had me bent over my knees howling. I love her so much!

Elise said...

I think that's the Book of Mormon influence, MB :)

Amy said...

Rachael, Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I know it can be difficult to understand someone's heart in writing because it is void of non-verbal cues and tone of voice, etc. I'm glad to know that many people who read my comments knew I was just kindly adding my own opinion and perspective to the ideas. I'm trying to be more brave with my voice because it's a positive one and I think society could be benefited by more positive voices out there. It strengthens me to hear others with a similar voice. I have enjoyed connecting with other women through the discussion. It makes me want to sit on the porch and chat with all of you - throwing out our ideas and conquering the worlds problems together. Thanks again for connecting with me :)

Amy said...

P.S. Your daughters questions are adorable, and your ward's dinner theater is awesome! Those costumes! What a fun ward!

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