Thursday, May 10, 2012

Home tour: Isaac & Juliet's room

If you've been reading for a few years, you may remember the post I did a few years ago when Juliet and Abigail shared this room.  Sadly, those two were not a good match, and I ended up selling that headboard & bed (sniff--I totally loved the way it looked!) and switching in bunkbeds instead.  And once Luke was born, we put the middle two together because it worked best with everyone's respective sleep schedule.      (So that's why Isaac's bold-patterned quilt is in a lavender room.)  I'm hoping that in another couple of years my ladies are sharing a dainty feminine room together complete with this chandelier.  But for now, Isaac and Jules are a great match.

 Also, Isaac insisted on staying in the pictures.  To be honest, he was kind of emphatic about it.

As always, this room is full of things that I have an emotional attachment to--the dollhouse Neil made the girls for Christmas several years ago (I sewed the couch covers, shower curtain, pillowslips, and bedspreads; he made the couches and I made the dining table--the rest of the dollhouse furniture we purchased at Target), the quilts and monogrammed pillows that I've made for each of the older three children, and a dresser that was the very first piece I ever refinished (currently living in the walk-in closet, which also holds outgrown clothes, labeled and sorted by size, in those super-attractive diaper boxes).

One of the things I always REALLY want to know is how other people handle toy storage.  So this is mine
--an IKEA Expedit unit. I love it!  The top is not perfectly styled, but I love the space and those cheery polka-dot bins (from the Target Itso line). (note:  someone was asking last week about the Bluebird of Happiness, which was given to me by my beloved Merrie Miss teacher Nan Stimpson, who also taught me to cross-stitch and helped me make that sampler on top of the shelving unit.)  I love how this holds EVERYTHING and I think it looks pretty attractive while doing it.  I should note that the games in the top row are the ones that were in the library photos a few weeks back; I switched all the games so that the "kid ones" are back in the library, since they were getting ignored in their bedroom (now Isaac is happily playing one million games of Marble Run/Let's Go Fishing/Hungry Hippos/etc. again).

We also have dress-ups in a large plastic bin on the other side of the bunkbed (which you can see in the photo second from the top).  I've toyed with more elaborate systems (I love the idea of hooks around a stand mirror or a mini coat stand or something, but ultimately the more simple, the more likely it will get put away!)


The Armstrong Article said...

Rachael, thanks for talking about the bluebird, my grandma gave me one as a girl and I had a feeling she had given yours to you. It warms my heart to know that you've kept it, she was a special lady. I miss her more everyday. Thank you.

Elise said...

I love how much you have been posting. Keep it up! :)

Rachel Mae said...

How funny--I was just thinking about getting the same Expedit for my kids' room, though considering the bigger one and keeping their clothes in it too (their room is so small). It seems like great for toy storage to me!

Kristyn said...

Rachael, it's always fun to read your blog and see how another mom does it with more kids, and this home tour falls into that category too! (Although I have no idea how you keep up with your blog and everything else - it blows my mind!)

I'm glad you asked about the homeopathic medicine. One thing I've learned is that if we're all more open with each other then we can help each other. I find that better than being closed off and pretending everything's okay. When it's really not.

I was told to take 3 tabs/day of Ignacia, and 1 pill/day of a multi-B complex, both of which I got at my local natural foods store. I can instantly notice a BIG difference when I skip a day or two, so it must be working. (In fact, whenever I call my mom and start sounding emotional, she stops me real quick and asks me if I'm taking my pills. :)

I LOVE the idea of a homeopathic too since prescribed meds kind of freak me out and I'd rather not use any at all. Also, I wouldn't be able to take the Zoloft this late in my pregnancy, and heaven knows I still need the help.

Also wanted to say that last year I saw a counselor for around 8 months for separate issues - and that was a total Godsend. I'm so glad our insurance covered it, because I needed it. It was helpful to my marriage and overall well-being. If you need any degree of help, then go get it. Don't be embarrassed. I used to be so embarrassed of seeing a counselor, but I realized the more I opened up about it, the more I heard of other people seeing counselors or the more I heard people say they dealt w/ similar issues and they WISH they had seen a counselor.

Good luck and I hope this helps!!

And happy mother's day!!

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