Monday, May 14, 2012

Luke's first birthday

 My goodness!  Can you believe it's already been a year since my darling Luke was born?  Time flies, my friends, time flies.

I made Luke a mini bundt cake and stuck the candle in the middle, hence the lake-of-fire effect.
We were lucky enough to have my dad here to celebrate Luke's birthday with us--my mom came last weekend and my dad was here this weekend (thanks to their disparate schedules, but we're excited to see them both at the same time later this month!).  I managed to take not a single picture of either of my parents visiting, although they both got some great shots on their iPhones (like Jooj with the bunnies).  And I started to come down with a little bug this weekend, so I was not great on capturing all the celebrations (fortunately it held off on the kids until today; Jooj was SO looking forward to her last day of preschool and all the parties thereunto, and instead she's asleep on the couch after throwing up all morning.  Poor baby).

But enough about that.  Lukey at one year is just a piece of delightfulness.  He has very strong, decided opinions, and will not eat foods or play with toys of which he does not approve (kind of funny because he will always try new foods, but is insanely deft at spitting out the ones he doesn't like, even if you mix it with something he does like--he will quickly sort through in his mouth and pop out the offenders with his tongue, without ever losing the favorites).
Luke has been standing independently for a couple of months, and he's just starting to take those first tiny little steps.  He has really awesome muscle control and I don't think I've ever seen him fall from a standing position--he very deliberately lowers himself up and down.  He still does his funny little crawl with one leg straight and one knee on the floor--it is the most darling thing.  He has a mouthful of crooked little teeth that he shows all the time when he throws back his head and laughs.  Isaac is getting super good at making Luke laugh--it's so fun to see the two of them starting to play together!

Luke has been the easiest thus far in terms of transitioning from nursing to taking a cup.  I started him with a sippy cup of water around 10 months or so and then started giving him milk in it just a couple of weeks ago, since I knew he would need to nurse while I was performing in the dinner theater.  He decided he LOVED sippy milk and so (somewhat to my dismay) sometimes when I nurse him he will push me away, shake his head no, and bounce impatiently on my lap until I give him a cup of milk.  He still nurses a couple of times a day, but he's mostly done (a far cry from the craziness of Juliet, for instance).
And last but not least, Luke is still truly madly deeply in love with his fringed blue spaceship blankie, he says, "Mama" and "Dada" discriminately, he stands at the window by the door every day waiting for Abigail to come home and bounces up and down happily when he sees her, he loves playing with the toy dishes while standing up at the toy kitchen, he likes his swing outside but not as much as he loves the sandbox, his favorite food is still cheese quesadillas, and he is a fat darling little plumperkin and I love him to bits.

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Elise said...

he sounds so cute! it's so cool to see all these relationships between your kids developing.

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