Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Home tour: Abigail & Luke's room

 I mentioned last week that Isaac's bedding is out of place in the lavender room; well, here's the room it's supposed to match.  Some day.

We've found that Abigail & Luke make good roommates because of their different schedules; Lukey is usually asleep when Abigail goes to bed, and Abigail will read happily by her window as the light fades into dusk.  The bookcase-as-headboard is perfect for my packrat child and her innumerable (oh, I do not use that word lightly!) treasures.

I was planning to take more (with better lighting) shots of this room, but I ended up with this and it's my favorite.  Et voila!

1 comment:

Elise said...

i love that picture of the kids :)

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