Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Last night when Neil and I were out in the garden (weeding, planting more beans and piling dirt around the leeks), I pulled up a handful of carrots and cut the last of the broccoli, planning to feed it to Abigail for lunch the next day.

Abigail woke up when we came in from the garden and needed to be comforted. So I finished washing the dirt off the carrots, then went in to kiss her back to sleep.

Which means I forgot to wash and check the broccoli, but mentally categorized it with the carrots as "ready to eat."

Oh, and since Abigail prefers all her food raw (for instance, lunch for her today was raw broccoli, carrots, an apple, alfalfa sprouts, and a string cheese), nothing got cooked.

Which meant the little green broccoli worm crawling around on her plate when she'd finished gobbling the broccoli was very much alive and very active.

Which led to one very surprised little girl screaming like a banshee: "Mommy, there is a YUCKY on my PLATE and it is ALIVE!"



Kritta22 said...

Well at least it doesn't come from the store with a YUCKY on it!?!!

sarah said...

just tell it its extra protein. thats what my dad always used to say :P

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