Thursday, July 10, 2008

sleeping on the couch

Last night I had typical night-before-vacation sleep--you know, the kind where you don't sleep, but you're so tired that you sort of sleep, but not really. At around 3 a.m., I sat up in frustration and told Neil I was sick of sleeping like a ketchup packet (you know, really short little bursts) and I wanted to sleep like a hot dog bun (more sleep than ketchup, apparently). He was understandably weirded out by this. I told him I was too hot, and he offered to drag our mattress out into the living room (fabulous ceiling fan there). At three in the morning he offered this. What a guy.

I ended up on one of the living room couches around 4 a.m. (I didn't want to make Neil haul a king-sized mattress around at that hour). The ceiling fan combined with a down comforter somehow worked their magic, and I slept blissfully for the next two hours...until Juliet woke up and I got blasted by the rising sun from the east-facing foyer window. last night in my own bed for the next two weeks, and I spent it on the couch. Is anyone else pathologically unable to sleep the night before things like this? This is how the night before the first day of school (no matter if I'm a student or teaching, and it's EVERY SEMESTER), vacations, holidays, scheduled induction of childbirth, etc. Just when I really need my's so not happening. Neil, on the other hand, can fall asleep the moment he closes his eyes. And if you think I'm exaggerating, sit next to him in church some time. Once he closes his eyes for the opening prayer, he's doomed. He usually falls asleep during the next hymn...while singing. He fell asleep on his mission WHILE HE WAS PRAYING. Like...while he was the one saying the prayer.

But one perk to all this: I'm super fast at my times tables, because that's what I recite to myself in an effort to fall asleep.

Look for exciting vacation posts in the days to come!


Katrina said...

I usually don't have any trouble sleeping. Even very pregnant, I have only had a couple nights where I didn't sleep well. I mean i do get up to go the bathroom, but that takes about a minute and then I immediately fall back to sleep.

I hope you have a really fun trip!

tricki_nicki said...

I have one word for you...AMBIEN! That stuff works like a charm - I know because I got some for the airplane ride to Jamaica.

And I am SO going to do your times tables trick! What a great idea!

Crapos said...

I never sleep before being induced either. I'm usually up half the night praying I'll go into labor and crying the other half because I'm not.

joanna said...

When you said that about Neil falling asleep saying the prayer, I laughed, because I think I may have almost done that too. Or at least I know it's definitely possible on a mission to pull that off!

Kritta22 said...

I hope you have a great trip! yes I'm the same way! I get soo excited and then sit/lay in bed thinking of all the things I CAN"T forget...I usually forget all of them!

Kristin said...

I fell asleep while we were praying as a couple one night. I don't have ANY trouble sleeping. But, I hate napping during the day, it makes me sluggish.

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