Thursday, August 30, 2012

Juliet is 5!

 Joojie is 5!  And what a darling five she is.  In fact, she is standing next to me right this minute and insisting that I read her stories, I will go.  But isn't she darling?  (And she is so in love with all things Tangled right now.  Can you tell?  We stopped at the Disney Store in Chicago and she profited greatly thereby.)

Juliet is bright, fascinating, inventive, and the snuggliest of all our children.  She still folds herself up into this tiny little ball (that she calls "princess ball") and wiggles into my lap.  She loves to cuddle with her blankie when it is freshly warm out of the dryer, she loves listening to any kind of story (her vocabulary is SO crazy for her age due to her penchant for listening to audio books), and she is just an absolute delight.  Love this little lady!

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