Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the beach, or approximately 5000 pictures of Luke eating sand

The beach!  Hip hip hurray!  This always makes a big splashy prominent appearance on our summer bucket list, and we were eagerly anticipating it all summer.  After my mom & sisters came and we did fun things like go to the zoo and Chicago (oh, and we also went to a local waterpark and it was REALLY fun but I didn't take any pictures), we headed up north to stay with my parents and spent a day hanging out at the beach.

 Luke has been fortunate enough to grow up with a sandbox in the backyard, an advantage that none of his older siblings were privy to.  This means that Luke had an entire summer's head start on important lessons like You Don't Need To Be Afraid Of Sand; Just Eat It and other things like that.

We were there during his naptime (both of them!) and I was totally expecting him to sack out, but he didn't.  A few restorative snuggles with his blanket over his face (don't drop that shovel!) and he was ready to dive back in.  And he did not take kindly to people who tried to cuddle him and keep him away from the sand.  What's up with that, Aunt Elise?

Isaac, on the other hand, has apparently not spent enough time eating sandbox sand.  He was happy to snuggle up in Luke's blanket on his grandfather's lap and eat pumpkin chocolate-chip muffins (sounds pretty good, right?)

He did venture out later when we started building the first of about five or six sandcastles (all of which Luke sat on with great glee).

And Jules decided that since we hadn't had enough snow to make snow angels (thank you, drought) that she would capitalize on the current opportunity (and yes, looking at these I realize that she has officially  outgrown that tankini...)

The older kids spent most of the day in the water.  The older adults spent most of the day trying to keep Luke out of the water.  He has a serious lack of self-preservation instinct.  Wave!  Smashing me in face!  Must crawl faster towards next wave!

I am so in love with my little crew.  Aren't they all darling?

 Lovely day.  Lovely lovely day.

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Elise said...

such cool pictures. by the way, just so Luke knows sometime in his future; in that picture, I was not trying to cuddle him, I was saving his life from the maniac seagulls that were walking interestingly towards him as he crawled toward them. Obvi.

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