Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer bucket list: campus fountains

 One of the things on our summer list (aka the big sheet of butcher paper covering our pantry door) was to pack a picnic lunch and take it to the campus fountains and then proceed to thoroughly soak ourselves.
 Done and done.

 It was a really really really hot day (big surprise, right?)  I wasn't planning on going in very far, but it was REALLY HOT.

For the last half-hour or so, the kids played this really elaborate game with Neil (while I tried to keep Luke from eating all of the miscellaneous flora floating in the water) where they competed to see who could launch their sandals farthest using the jets of water.  Abigail was the champion with her ultra-light flip-flops.

I think Isaac's face here might be one of my all-time favorites.  


Elise said...

i wanted to hold Isaac so badly when i saw the picture of him wrapped all around you in the fountains! looks like fun!

Ruth said...

Those look way more high powered than anything we have around here!

Anonymous said...

What fun!!! Your family really knows hows to have a good time on a hot summer day! That is a great fountain! Love, Aunt Pam

Emily Anne said...

Looks like so much fun!!

Doreen said...

Good for you for getting in the fountain! That should be in my bucket list!

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