Monday, August 20, 2012

Random summer photos, part I

Now that our computer is officially back, as of tonight--I'm starting to wade through the enormous photo backlog.  Fortunately my camera battery died so I have a limited number of photos to start with.

As I said before, we've had a really nice summer.  Some days we were high-energy and did things like model the solar system...

...or an Egyptian tomb (note: the figures inside are a mummy, a statue, a tomb robber, a table full of funereal offerings, and a snake about to eat the tomb robber--during the month or two that this was out, the kids kept making more and more snakes until it was like something from Indiana Jones's worst nightmare).

Some days we were really low-key and we just hung out.

Sisters mine--remember these kind of LEGO furnishings?  I had to carry on the tradition and teach my kids how to make them.  Nothing like a good piano to finish off your little LEGO home.

And some days were considerably more exciting.

The mole we found in our back yard, trapped it (I think it must have been sick because there's no way we could have caught it otherwise),  and carried it to the woods.  It was extremely exciting for everyone concerned.

And the goldfish were a HUGE hit for the two days that they lived.  (What?  You're not supposed to lift them out of the water and pet them?  They flop in my hand so happily 'cause they love to see me, Mommy!)

Abigail has started doing her own hair every day.  It reminds me a lot of freshman year at BYU.  Very Utah.

Isaac has continued his obsession with helping me cook, whether I'm chopping, stir-frying, kneading, or ovening (yes, I just made that word up).  I think this is how he gets about 90% of his nutrients.

And, of course, he fills in that missing 10% on his own iniative....

Haha--sorry, couldn't resist!  Here's a cute one of Luke to make up for it.

Lukey got so excited when everyone started getting ready for the first day of school--he put on this little backpack and ran around wearing it for quite awhile.  Only later did I discover that Isaac had loaded it with 8 very heavy books!

These two have an interesting relationship.  I got so frustrated yesterday at Isaac ALWAYS sitting on Luke or knocking him over or generally wrestling him that I picked up Luke and helped him to sit on Isaac's face.  Luke thought it was hilarious.  Isaac thought it was not.

The older kids, as always, have been extremely enthusiastic helpers with all of the summer canning-related tasks. 

Luke is a pretty crummy helper.

Oh..and if you think life is ALWAYS fun and games and amazingness around here, you're right!  Here is a picture of me being super, super, super extra involved on Isaac's birthday morning.  Gosh, what a lucky boy.


Mary Beth said...


That is just very exciting okay.

Meghan said...

Love these pictures! And I, too, noticed the faucet.

Kristyn said...

That last picture made me laugh!!

What a fun filled summer you've had! I love it all.

Ruth said...

Abigail is good at doing her hair! I have to work to get that much texture/body in a ponytail! And I heard that Juliet lives in her Qualtrics funny.

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