Thursday, August 30, 2012

the best part of camping

After our exciting camping trip with friends earlier this summer, we wanted to revisit the fun in a lower-key fashion.  We took advantage of one of the sporadic cold spells and invited them over for an evening of the best part of camping:  s'mores!

 We had a lovely evening--the children jumped on the trampoline and dug in the sandbox and totally filthified themselves with chocolate and marshmallows and sand and dirt and grass clippings.  Yay!  Just like camping.

And just like camping, the adults got to enjoy the best part:  sitting around the fire telling stories and laughing like crazy and eating all the s'mores the kids kept making (Abigail made six or so that nobody ate, except for baby Emma, who figured out how to snatch out all the chocolate and smear it all over herself and her daddy!)

We wound things up around 10 pm, long after the stars and the fireflies had come out.  So fun.  (And so dirty--I snapped this of Isaac before I started scrubbing.)


Kathryn said...

Awww friendships made at BYU last forever. That's fun to see pictures of your 2 families together.

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Melanie said...

We'll never forget Camping with the Raccoons 2012, but this was a much easier way to get the smores and adult conversation in one more time before summer is officially over!

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