Monday, August 13, 2012

 It's been a month!  I can hardly believe it.  This is the longest I've ever gone on a blog hiatus (and boy oh boy, is it going to take me forever to catch up--I have over 500 pictures on my camera).  And Luke, as you can see, is not a baby anymore.  He is a toddler who runs like crazy all over the place and is so adorable that he just makes my heart turn over.  Oh, I do love that delicious little blonde fluffhead.

I am still computer-less when Neil is not at home, which has actually been pretty refreshing over the last 6 weeks.  Not so fun now when I'm preparing for the start of another semester, but hey, it's been a nice summer.  And since I can't upload any photos onto the computer itself and edit and resize them (it took about 15 minutes to upload these 6 giant un-compressed ones), I can only use horizontal photos...but I have SO many I had to get some up!

It's been a really delightful summer.  We went through Birthday Time (Isaac on the 14th, me on the 27th, Jules on the 7th), we went to the dairy farm and the zoo and the fountains and the children's museum and the beach (and Chicago--again), we had visitors from Utah (left, my sister Elise, right, my sister Rosalind, far left, the clock that tells you that it was 2 AM according to my body), we took about 5000 hikes through the woods, we painted and sculpted and built forts and pretended like we were Harry Potter/Laura Ingalls/Lucy Pevensie as hard as we could.

 And we have spent some really wonderful lazy days just doing whatever.  Like picking raspberries in our pajamas when we should be asleep in bed.  Reading stories for hours (even the week where I lost my voice, although Isaac got really frustrated at me for whispering:  "Mommy!  Talk in a weel voice!  Wike dis!  Stop whippering!  Talk wike me!"), digging in the sandbox,  jumping on the trampoline and getting together with friends for lunch playdates (the best, the best!).
 I was really worried this year about how the weather would affect the crops.  Turns out that the drought has been AWESOME for our tomatoes (we planted 18 plants figuring that at least half of them would die, since the blight has been so bad here the last 3 or 4 years), and wouldn't you know, just about everything in the garden died except for the tomatoes!  We are picking about 30 lbs every couple of days, and let's just say it's a good thing that everyone likes tomato soup, and tomato and zucchini tian, and tomatoes on pizza, and tomatoes in eggs...I have been freezing roasted tomatoes, tomato sauce, canning salsa, canning ketchup, etc.  It's crazy red zone around here.  Fortunately the zucchini and yellow squash did pretty well too (beans were a total bust) so we've been eating lots of those too.

And occasionally we take a break from tomatoes to do something else.  Like 100 lbs of peaches.

Mostly, though, it's just been a really lovely summer.  We've had our fair share of they-are-stinkers days (mostly on days when I haven't gotten enough sleep!), but more often than not, my heart turns over at how darling they are.  And this summer has been such a big one in terms of seeing them grow up--Abigail has started piano lessons, lost three teeth and decided that she always wants to do her own hair, Juliet is starting kindergarten tomorrow, Isaac gave up his nap, and Luke started walking.  Big milestones in our little days.  

Today we were on a walk and we happened upon a turtle crawling into the woods towards the bog.  We spent a good ten minutes watching its progress across the path, and the kids all took "mind pictures" since I forgot the camera.  I've been taking so many mind pictures this summer.  It's going so fast.


Elise said...

YES!!! they are beautiful :)

Mary Beth said...

Isaac is pulling an Elise in that last picture. ;)

It is SO GOOD to see you back and to see pictures of the kids--I almost did not recognize Luke! And so fun to see you and Rosalind and Elise together. I'm glad that you're having a good time in this computer-less summer, though selfishly I hope you replace yours soon. I love you! Enjoy the rest of the summer while it lasts!

Doreen said...

I can't believe the summer is over! :( Back to schedules and homework. There's good times in that too right? Lets hope :)

Anonymous said...

Fun & adorable photos!
Love, Aunt Pam

Melanie said...

I just spent a good 10 minutes catching up on all of your posts. So glad you're back to blogging! Love all of the adorable moments captured.

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