Sunday, May 18, 2008

best day EVER

Juliet and I petting the elephant (I'm the one with the French braid and the Juliet)
Yesterday was, quite honestly, one of the best days of my life. It was like we'd all taken Felix Felicis (except, perhaps, for the walrus incident, but I'll save that for another post).

The girls woke us up yesterday morning at a fairly unpleasant hour for a Saturday--Abigail made her flopping-around appearance into our bed at 6:15 A.M., and Juliet's wailing wasn't far behind. Neil and I thought dazedly about what we had on the schedule for the day: cleaning out the garage, weeding/planting the garden, mowing the lawn, etc. Then we decided to throw it all out the window and take the kids to the zoo.

It was fantastic and perfect and fabulous. The weather was a breezy 60 degrees, the children were happy and excited and fascinated by everything (and ate lunch and snacks uncomplainingly, which was the most enormous boon, since Juliet has been fighting nursing lately and Abigail thinks she can exist on air), and the animals were generally out and active and visible.

We got front row seats to the dolphin show despite arriving in a packed arena only 5 minutes before it started, fortuitously happened upon the elephant bathing show right as it was about to start, and spent one of the loveliest fifteen minutes ever watching ducks and flamingos drift around the island home of ring-tailed lemurs (mostly Neil and I were watching the tinier-than-palm-sized baby lemur be given a bath by several adults, and Abigail was feeding the ducks sticks). Neil and I both admitted later that we'd gotten choked up and teary at various times throughout the day because it was so wonderful to simply spend a day focusing on nothing but having a fabulous time as a family and be in a place where we weren't worrying about other responsibilities--just enjoying our delightful little family.

When we got home, Neil cooked up one of our favorite curries for dinner, and then we went on a seven-mile bike ride to the playground. We had a delightful time (especially since it's a fun adult playground too with climbing walls and rope thingies and the like) and then came home and made some cookies.

Then Neil and I watched the second half of Gone With the Wind and I fell asleep in my husband's arms right as Scarlett declared, "After all, tomorrow is another day!"
Most. Perfect. Day. Ever.


Elise Decker said...

that sounds so fun! put up some more pictures from that day!!!

Meghan said...

Glad you had one of those "glorious moments." Or several in a row--those are the times that buoy you up for the less pleasant ones at other times.
Where is your zoo? Did you go to Indianapolis?

Katrina said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! I'm glad you had one after your "boring" day on Friday. :-)

lanada said...

i love that you had a forget-the-world-and-go-to-the-zoo day. aren't they the best?

Rosalind said...

ooh i love to correct older sisters with English education in college!! it's Juliet and me petting the elephant, just so you know. but your hair looks beautiful, i wish i could still French braid's too short now. can't wait to see you this weekend!!

Elise Decker said...

WHAT, Rosalind? i don't understand what you're saying even when you type all the words out (that REALLY bothers me, by the way, when you abbreviate)

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