Friday, May 16, 2008

Oh man...what are we going to DO all day?

Do you ever just have days where you wake up and you feel...bored? Before you've even climbed out of bed?

I always struggle with this sort of ennui when I'm not teaching (I love my children, but I also love having a little intellectual kickstart at 7 am), but it's especially bad on Fridays, because we've exhausted my creative energies and I look at the children and think "how am I going to occupy you today? All day long?"

Usually I try to bounce myself out of this with some fresh air, or kick up the endorphin levels, but today after I biked 5 miles with the kids and then ran a couple more (I was already sweaty so I figured I might as well make the shower really worthwhile) I still felt blah and gray and like I wanted a break from my daily life. We need something FUN to look forward to or do or SOMETHING, I don't know! The garden doesn't need any digging about, it's still too wet to go run around in the yard, we're sick of crayons and play-doh and we missed storytime at the library (and our getting-new-books time) because we were biking, and I'm done with housework for the week, because I'm tired of cleaning surfaces that are immediately begrimed by fat sticky fingers and curious hands. I need something to get me going and excited, rather than lying on the floor and watch the ceiling fan rotate.

So what do you do when you have days like this?


Kilerkki said...

Mostly I lie on the floor and watch the ceiling fan rotate. Or would, if I had a ceiling fan.

You could go see Prince Caspian?

Crapos said...

What is this, a theme this week? Is May now Boredom Month? It has been at our house, as you've already seen.
Sadie likes to use scissors and glue. Today I cut shapes out of construction paper and she glued them to make a boat. She also really likes to play I Spy (she guesses) and Red Light Green Light. Once we took big paper and traced her whole body and colored it. Or you can do the same thing with smaller paper and hands/feet. Next week we're making origami frogs that jump and flowers out of paper/pipe cleaners/beads. Sorry, my ideas aren't nearly as good as yours so I'm not much help.

Crapos said...

Oh - and if you don't have any you should get some paint with water books. Sadie does about 5 or 6 pictures a day.

jo said...

That picture is hilarious. Since I have my own child now, I appreciate little babies' gestures and movements more than I used to.

Your suggestion on the 72-hour kit was fantastic. I'm going to get those documents together this weekend.

Sorry I don't have any boredom advice. I am bored often, and I think maybe I need to get a bike this summer.

Kathryn said...

I sit around and cry. Hahaha no I'm kidding. But when I have hormonal days when I can't kick start myself out of a bored mood I try to open the windows and let the breeze and sunshine brighten my day.

Rosalind said...

prince caspian was gorgeous!!! aaa!!

and what I would do is have 2 naptimes and eat good food and watch a movie and make lists of weird stuff and learn a new song on the piano and find new voice music to sing and burn cds and plan something fun. or make a super fancy dinner and make everyone look good. or something like that

...or call a fun person to talk to...


Phil said...

Do you mean to say that after having children you still have boring days?!?!?
I thought that was one of the perks of parenthood.

Anonymous said...

Go to grandpa's plant grass, spread mulch, start fires, and roast marshmellos (however they are spelled)in the back yard.

Love you,

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