Tuesday, May 13, 2008

pieces of my life

When Abigail was first born, I was petrified of going somewhere alone with her. The first time I went to the grocery store alone with her (i.e., without Neil) was a big enough accomplishment that I glowed about it the rest of the week.

Which is why our Mondays are interesting days. You see, that's the day that Neil doesn't get home until 8 pm (putting in a 12-hour day at the lab rather than the normal 9-hour day). We decided to run his schedule this way so that we could see a little more of him on the other days of the week (so we can all eat together as a family, since Juliet absolutely goes insane with rage if she eats dinner any later than 5). When he first started staying late last semester for his TA position, I hated it. The day seemed so long and awful and the kids always seemed so much more challenging.

But now, I confess, Mondays are (usually) one of my favorite days of the week. You see, I'm not looking forward all day to when my husband will come home and take some of the kid-chasing-pressure off, and in a weird way, it makes the day a little easier, because I know it's just me all day without a "relief shift." Knowing I have to push through makes it more doable, if that makes sense. And then I don't bother to make a real dinner, so I have more time to just play with my kiddos.

So on Mondays, you will find us happily making enormous messes, eating whatever we want for dinner (yesterday I chose omelettes, while Abigail picked cornbread and chocolate pudding with sprinkles, so that's what we had for dinner, except everyone had to eat their omelettes first)...

...and taking innumerable walks (yesterday we took 3, including one to the woods to pick some more of our favorite wildflowers).

Although, of course, we always prefer Daddy days. :-)


Crapos said...

You know, we're the same way. I always want to know when Neil is coming home. If it's after the kids are in bed, that's really fine, I just need to know so I can plan on going it alone. And the days when I expect him home at five and he's not home til six, chaos ensues.

Meghan said...

Jill Benfell told me once how freeing it was to realize she could feed her kids cold cereal for dinner, and it was OK. Funny how much the meal is for daddy, isn't it? Tonight David called to say he wouldn't be home until about 8, so I canceled the steak dinner I had planned, went out back to clear brush, and Elise made crepes. I guess David still needs to eat when he gets home...but he likes crepes, too. And there are always quesadillas. Oh, guess what? I planted a new rhododendron, some hosta, and some BASIL today! The basil smells like summer and pesto sandwiches!

Em said...

wow, i'm impressed with your outlook on father-less days -- I crumble into a grouchy heap when Nate's working late or has evening engagements. You've inspired me!

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