Thursday, May 22, 2008

sometimes this kid is so cute I just have to squeeze her

There are two things Julesie is really in love with right now as she plays the "explore the world game":

1) Rolling around naked on the sheepskin rug

2) ripping up clover by the handful and trying to stuff it in her mouth

And look! It was a "Daddy on patrol" day (I was working in the garden), as you can tell by the fact that she was brought outside with one sock on and no sun hat...just teasing you, honey. :-)


Meghan said...

So, so cute. We're excited to see you tomorrow!

Mack Hardy said...

I am sure you daughter will love reading these when she's older and see that you posted pictures of her rolling around naked on a fur blanket. Why do parents love to embarrass children so? ;-) Cute kid!

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