Saturday, May 31, 2008


Today when I came home from the book sale at the library I dumped a shower of books into Abigail's lap. She flipped through them, then looked up at me with me a big smile and said brightly, "Mommy, I am very pride of you! I am very happy with this pile!"

Another great Abigailism--her prayer(s) last night: "Thank you that the rain and the funder and all the broken clouds can please go away and I can sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed and they will keep me safe from the broken clouds that are scary."

Speaking of book over the moon am I at the fact that I scored the Williams-Sonoma Bread Book and a vintage edition of From Julia Child's Kitchen for $2 each?!

1 comment:

Kilerkki said...

..."broken clouds" is a really neat description. I may borrow that, Abigail!

Also, envy at your cookbook-scoring prowess. Any suggestions for feeding 10 people for dinner group on Tuesday?

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