Friday, May 30, 2008

my children eat grass

For some reason I haven't been taking very many pictures lately, but this one from last year basically covers my bases this week: we're spending a lot of time outside beheading clover. Except this year instead of Abigail clipping off clover blossoms with needle-nose pliers, Juliet pops them off and stuffs them in her mouth. And then she goes crazy when I take them away and crawls off the blanket and defiantly stuffs a whole handful in her mouth. Is it possible for babies to be allergic to clover? Is that why she was running a fever last night, occasioning a frantic doctor visit this morning? (or was it, perhaps, that she missed the doctor's office, not having been there for almost two whole weeks? Is it just me, or are my children sick ALL THE TIME this year?!)

In any case, while Juliet slept the sleep of the well-drugged child this morning (we love Tylenol and Dimetapp), Abigail and I mucked about in the garden. Yesterday while I was planting more veggies (and while the girls were being blown about in their sun tent) I noticed things were looking a bit weedy, so we attacked the weeds this morning. Correction: I weeded. Abigail plucked out three weeds, then began collecting pebbles (also a great garden endeavor). Then she decided she'd had enough manual labor and told me she was leaving.

To be precise, she told me she was leaving for Mexico to swim with the dolphins. So she drove her little car across the yard to the gas station, sang a happy little song while she filled up her tank (with clover, natch), and then trundled around the yard commenting on the dolphins and sharks she waas driving by. Then she came back over to where I was busily weeding away at the lettuce and onions, wrapped her arms around me, and asked if I would please come to Mexico with her. Then she ran off again, enticed by the crimson promises of the strawberry bed. Oh, how I love that child.

Speaking of my funny Abigail, she always likes to know what's on the docket for the day. I didn't realize how I always end the rundown with the same phrase until today she said, "Mommy, I think we will change Juliet's diaper and then read some stories and then take naps and then we'll go to date night. Ok? Does that sounds like a good plan to you?"

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