Sunday, June 08, 2008

hodge podge

Things from the weekend, which overall was very mixed:

Our garden is doing things! We've had lettuces for almost a month now, and yesterday we spotted the first florets of broccoli forming in the huge bushy broccoli leaves. Hurray! We've been having fun watching the beans pop out of the ground, the tomatoes and peppers stretch out and (finally) start to grow, the squash, zucchini, and cucumbers are finally leafing out, the carrots are getting all ferny and fun, the leeks are finally standing up straight, and the onions and cilantro are doing their best to take over the garden. And no, I'm really not kidding about the cilantro. All the other baby herbs are still tiny and tender and peeking out--the cilantro is EVERYWHERE. And it's big. I like to just pull off leaves and eat them while I weed. All the rain is doin' our garden good (and the weeds too, unfortunately).

Neil and I had one of the best dates ever Friday night: we played raquetball and then went swimming. It was SO fun and a great workout. I always love dates like this because they remind me why I married Neil and how much fun he is.

Which is good, because Saturday was pretty lousy--Neil went in to the lab in the morning and then spent the afternoon doing more research while I worked on an editing project and the kids napped. And it rained a LOT and the potage parmentier I made for dinner was not as blissful as I was hoping--mostly it just tasted like wet leeks. Then we had to weed the garden when the kids went to bed, and they both kicked up a fuss, so it took forever to get them to bed and we got out to the garden the same time the mosquitoes did.

So we popped a HUGE bowl of popcorn and stayed up until 2 am watching movies. That was fun.

Then Sunday morning Neil sneaked the kids out of our room after I fed Jules and let me sleep in until TEN. And he brought me breakfast in bed. Oh, I love that man. And it was especially nice because Abigail was, well, um...acting like a three-year-old all day, and I really needed that morning loveliness to make it through the day.

Speaking of Abigail, this morning she was sitting on the floor watching us get ready, and said approvingly, "Oh Mommy, I like your skirt. It is very beautiful and long. I really like it a lot. I like how it has lines on it. It's very beautiful." Then she looked over at Neil, who was wearing a towel around his waist while he shaved, scrunched up her little face, and said, "Um...Daddy, I like your skirt too. It is nice."

Sometimes it's hard on Neil living with three girls. Sometimes he starts to cave in to all the pink floofies surrounding him. Not only did I find him reading Gone with the Wind this weekend, but he stole my new issue of Martha Stewart Living (he says it was just to read the barbeque recipes...)

Then he has to act all manly and throws rocks at rabbits, just to show us he's not into princesses and the like. Something like that.

Today while we were cooking dinner I asked Neil what food he associates with me, and he said bread.

I like bread.

I like it a lot.

Juliet is ten months old, as of Saturday. This morning Neil looked at her and said, "She looks so old! She doesn't look like a baby anymore! Look at her shoes--those are little girl feet!"

And sure enough...they're turning into little girl feet.

Fat, chubby, and eminently kissable little feet.


Elise Decker said...

i love this post! it's all so cute! (and i like how engrossed neil is in the martha stewart magazine, even though there's a baby flopping all over on his lap) and abigail is so funny!!!

danielle said...

such cute little feet!

The Shabby Princess said...

I came across your blog via LDSWomenBlogs and I didn't want to be a lurker! I really enjoy your blog. I think it's amazing that you have cilantro over taking your garden, and so sweet that you and your husband stayed up late watching movies (the best form of a date in my opinion)--and, last but not least, love your cooking blog!! I can't wait to try some of your fantastic recipes.

Meghan said...

Hmm--I don't know about kissing her feet (who knows where they've been?!) but I'd love to rub her head.

Neil said...

in my defense, I didn't know it was Martha Stewart when she handed it to me. I was set up.

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