Friday, June 20, 2008

summer fun

Tonight we got together with seven other couples and had ourselves some good campfire fun (we've been trying to plan a massive camping trip, but it's rained every weekend until now, and most of the guys are headed out tomorrow to help with the disaster cleanup stuff).

One thing I love about this ward is how fascinating it is to just talk to everyone and listen in on the conversations, since all the husbands are here for grad school, and the wives are all intelligent, thinking, and really wonderful girls. Heat transfer and thesis-writing was the topic of choice over by the picnic table, investment talk next to the woods, and I was caught up in a very informative discussion with the audiologists about Juliet's problematic tympanic membrane.

Plenty of fabulous potluck food, great conversation, woods-exploring and frog-catching...but wait! Where are all the kids in this picture, since there were 14 present at this little gathering?

Ah yes. The trampoline.

It was pretty much the hit of the evening.

This is my new favorite picture of the girls.

Another interesting fact I discovered tonight: Juliet's appetite for graham crackers is literally bottomless. As is her appetite for blueberries, Pringles (thanks a lot, Neil), baked beans, and hot dog buns. Forget the fact that I fed her a well-balanced dinner before we came. Bottomless pit, I tell you.

And she likes keys too.

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Megan said...

Um so I used to be in your old 85th ward and I was just looking at your campout pictures and noticed that my brother and sister-in-law are in your ward, Reece and Shana Garrett. Anyways, I just thought it was funny how the Mormon world is so small sometimes! Tell them I say hi!

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