Thursday, June 12, 2008

woe is me

it's been one of "those" days. no, scratch that...weeks. a combination of exhaustion (despite going to bed at 9:30 last night, I started crying when I heard Juliet crying this morning at 6:50 because I was still so tired), insane busy craziness (enrichment is tonight, which means lots of stress all week), and general feelings of parental inadequacy (exacerbated by comments like "I don't want you to be my mommy, I just want to keep Juliet and Daddy").

Yesterday I really went out of my way to try to give Abigail a fun day. She had a friend over for several hours in the morning, then after her swimming lesson, we had a picnic lunch at the gazebo by the pool with two of her friends (and their mothers). Then we went swimming for two hours. This was quite an undertaking, since we were basically at the pool for four hours, missed Abigail's nap (and had to coax Juliet to sleep in her stroller, which entailed walking around the kiddie pool for about half an hour). Plus if you have small children, you know that getting them to eat anything where they're not strapped into their chairs is especially hard, doubly so if there's a playground nearby (and triply so if small child is nursing).

Anyway, I was pretty drained by the end of the day, but I thought, "Well, at least Abigail's had the time of her life. She's been splashing and giggling and laughing all day...I know she had so much fun, even if it was hard for me."


We got in the car, and she began wailing, "Oh Mommy, I want to go home! You said we will stay at the pool and play with friends, and I just wanted to go home and sleep in my bed! You are so mean taking me to the pool with friends and the playground and the picnic! So mean! I just want to be at home, not at the pool and the playground! Take me home! Now! You are just a mean, mean, mean mommy!"

Cue wallowing in self-pity.


Adrienne said...

You are a trooper! Luckily mine don't really talk yet (which definetly has it's downsides) but they can't say things like that. Good luck! One day maybe you'll laugh.

joanna said...

Probably at that point, you wouldn't want to put any weight in a 4?-year-old's opinion. I definitely think you went out of your way to make it a great day, for sure! I guess this is what parenting's about -- doing everything and getting much less in return, until they can afford to pay for your retirement home. :)

Phil said...

Think of it this way: a lesser parent might be tempted to finish the day with a few dozen rides in the alligator...

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