Monday, June 02, 2008

flood of pictures

My picture-less posts are on hiatus--with a vengeance. Here's a nice lengthy compilation instead (G'ma and Papa, you may want to just look at these instead of printing them, or you may need a new ink cartridge!)

A typical afternoon activity around here: coloring. Sometimes on paper, sometimes on the floor and 'fridge. Or sometimes they just eat the crayons, much to my dismay (when I picked Juliet up to nurse her after taking this picture, I fished most of a chartreuse crayon out of her mouth. In very small pieces).

I just really liked the composition of this picture. It's a good "Juliet shot"--fighting against the system. In this case, sunhats. And you can see her beloved bunny next to her and her "shaker," which she also loves (an old spice container with a few lentils inside. Great noise!)

This is probably my favorite of the pictures we took at the park the other day.

This isn't a particularly good picture of either of us (talk about helmet hair!), but it always amazes me when I don't wear heels and I realize how much bigger Neil is than I am. And I like it because it makes me feel all dainty and feminine. Even if I just look sort of dazed in the picture.

My pink little Jules.

Abigail and Neil hiding at the top of the twirly slide, which they previously climbed up, breaking all known playground rules. That kid's going to have a rough intro to kindergarten recess rules.

I debated over putting this picture online, but obviously...I did. It really typifies Abigail these days--practical (it's very hot, so no clothes!) and yet still managing to dress up. Oh, and dancing, of course.

Watermelon fest!

Sometimes it's hard getting Jules and Abigail to eat dinner, because they just start laughing at each other. Very. Loudly.

Abigail was in time-out for bonking Juliet on the head. But she got bored. So she lured Juliet into time-out with her (and yes, instead of enforcing rules, I hid behind the door and took pictures).

And then once Jules joined her in time-out, Abigail kissed her better where she'd bonked her. So I was glad I'd stayed in hiding.

One thing we've been working on a lot with Abigail is ladylike behavior. Case in point: here she is "sitting like a liddle lady," as she would say.

And of course, every "liddle lady" needs to throw off her inhibitions every now and then.


lanada said...

that polka dot dress is DARLING!

Kilerkki said...

You are so pretty. And so are your girls.

Meghan said...

when i first saw the classic juliet picture with hat, the first thing i thought of was "is that a headless doll?" haha...and i like the picture of neil throwing abigail---prolly would give grandma and mom heart attacks, but i love it!!


Rosalind said...

peter, look! i can fly too!

Lindsay said...

That is an awesome picture of Abigail getting tossed up in the air. Good Job!

necia said...

I love that picture of Abigail dancing in her underwear!

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