Thursday, June 05, 2008

killing time

A picture from the Abigail archives--11 months old

I made the mistake of leaving my book in Juliet's room when I put her down for a nap, so I can't reward myself for finishing an editing project by reading. So since I'm at the computer (because I finished editing)...I will blog.

I don't really have anything to say. So how 'bout a snapshot...want to know what we did today?

We got up. And fell over Abigail because she was asleep next to our bed. Who knows when she came in. We had broken clouds again last night, needless to say.

We ate breakfast (Special K, because Thursday is cold cereal day). We read scriptures (Alma chapter 23). We had family prayer. Neil went to work. I cleaned the 'fridge in preparation for grocery shopping later.

The girls and I went on a quick walk around the block (4/10 of a mile), because lately Abigail has complained about her side hurting when we walk, so I'm trying to build up her endurance. Abigail and I had a nice little chat about the fun things we will do in Utah this summer and about how she learned to go up stairs when she was a baby. She loves hearing stories about herself, and it's fun to relive those moments with her.

Juliet went down for a nap, so Abigail and I read a quick story and then I worked for an hour while Abigail flopped around on my bed reading stories to her dollies. Then I read her some more stories with Jules flopping around all over the place. Then I fed Jules. Then I vacuumed the house while the kids followed me around pulling toys out.

Abigail and Juliet played an elaborate game involving my strength-training bands while I cleared out the file folders in the desk (Thursday's organizing is "focus on master bedroom" day, which is where the desk happens to be). We sang along to Wicked while we threw things away.

The girls ate lunch (macaroni and cheese, because we need to go grocery shopping and we're out of things like apples, mozarella, peaches, rye bread, and carrots, which is what we normally eat) while I made baguettes (to eat with our pasta primavera tonight) and talked to my mom on the phone. Then we cleaned up, read some more stories, and everyone but me went down for naps. I worked on an editing project for a couple of hours.

Then I blogged.

Now I'm going to go eat some crispy hot baguettes--but I'm keeping one nice and warm and uncut so Abigail can listen to the bubbles pop inside--make my grocery list, and daydream about this evening's strawberry-picking jaunt. Which means I'll be up all night making jam! Hurrah!


Kathryn said...

It's amazing how much moms can get done in one morning!

Heatherbelle said...

Bye the way, your baguette recipe is simply wonderful! I made them for Jared and he was in heaven! :)
(Oh and I've been singing "Bonjour" from Beauty and the Beast all week because of you) ;)

Crapos said...

I'm amazed at what you did all day. I'm never so productive. Especially since no one naps in my house during the afternoon (no idea where it went) and we're all cranky until bedtime. And now I feel guilty for not taking my children outside more. It's just too hot, and the pre-morning nap time is filled up with getting ready and running. No exercise for my kiddies.

tricki_nicki said...

Oh my, your fresh strawberry jam sounds so good right now!

Phil said...

I think this is kind of funny... except for the clothing, that's what Abigail looked like when I first met her :)

Tell her to stop growing up so darn quickly!

danielle said...

ooh...where are you picking strawberries? I want to do that too! And you should for sure post your baguette recipe! I would love to try it.

joanna said...

It sounds like you can get more done when you have an older child to entertain the younger one. I was always baffled by moms with more than one kid getting anything done around the house. Now I understand!

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