Wednesday, August 20, 2008

mommy clothes

Remember back when I used to be known for never, ever, ever wearing jeans? When I only owned dress pants? When I routinely wore nylons, tailored skirts, and high-heeled shoes to class when it was snowing outside? When I considered a made-in-Italy dry-clean-only blazer a great toss-it-on-for-all-occasions coat (although I do love that blazer and wear it regularly still...)

So this morning I woke up an hour late, because Alarm Clock Juliet, who is usually as regular as...well, as an alarm clock going off with loud yelling at 7:08, slept in. I woke up at 8:25 and she was still silent. Abigail was sitting in the hall wearing nothing but princess panties and was also strangely quiet. I don't know what the deal was with them today, but it was sort of nice for me (except I was planning to run this morning, so I guess I have to run tonight. Yuck).

Anyway, we had to be at the doctor at 9:45, so I really had to hustle. Fortunately I showered last night after another marathon bout with the fence and a bucket of stain, so that was out of the way, but my hair definitely looked like it had been slept on wet.

So I resorted to my favorite trick: dressing up to remove attention from the hair. I always wear full makeup no matter what, but instead of my favorite jeans and battered old T-shirt, I pulled out a pair of gray Banana Republic dress pants that Neil had bought me for my birthday. I ripped the tags off, pulled them on, and thought "These are SO cute! Why haven't I worn them yet?" I added my favorite black shirt, a pair of razzle-dazzle earrings, gelled my messy hair, and put on black pumps instead of my mud-covered sandals. I felt pretty good-lookin', if I do say so myself, and sashayed out to the kitchen.

Then Abigail immediately told me to take my shoes off because I wasn't allowed to wear shoes in the house. Juliet wiped her snotty nose on my pants, sneezed graham crackers over my shirt, tried to wipe the mess off her face with her hand, then rubbed her hand through my hair. At the doctor's office, my pants were too tight to allow me to sprawl comfortably down on the floor with my girls and check out the puzzles. The entire time I was visiting teaching, my shoes pinched my toes. Juliet rubbed more crackers over me. And then some more.

When we got home, I kicked off my shoes, ditched my earrings, and raced into my closet for some jeans.

I felt like myself again. I felt ready to play and get messy and have fun with my girls.

It's nice that there are times I can dress up and wear my pretty clothes (like teaching), and lots and lots and lots of time where I can crawl around on the floor with the girls, pretending to be a family of puppies (who can only eat food placed on white plates on the kitchen floor) wearing love-holes through the knees of my jeans.


Crapos said...

At least you have somewhere to wear pretty clothes. I leave the house exactly two times a week - grocery store and church.

Elise Decker said...

yes. i have decided that although your procrastination problem frightened me for a while, that your love of t-shirts and jeans has established that we are, in fact, related.

Kritta22 said...

And it's soooo much easier to wipe cracker crumbles off jeans anyway. Gotta love it!

Mack Hardy said...

Did you know I didn't own a pair of jeans in high school? I always felt that wearing a t-shirt and jeans was just so... tacky? Well, I look at myself now... t-shirt and jeans, AND I'M AT WORK! :D Sometimes as good as it feels to dress up... it's just not as practical, nor as comfortable!

rachel said...

This makes me feel better about still being in my PJs today at 4:26. One of the perils of waking early while babe is asleep and trying to get as much work done as possible while she is sleeping during the day and devote complete attention to her when she is awake. Who has time to get dressed let alone look in a mirror? Though I have to admit that working at home lends itself to late PJ-wearing in general, baby or no baby.

Anonymous said...

Honestly Rachael, I never thought I'd see the day. Never, ever, ever!!! It's good to know that you really are human. :)

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