Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the perils of not procrastinating

I'm one of those people who always has to do it now. The instant I get an assignment, I get started. I can't stand to have it hanging over my head. I usually have papers written several weeks before they're due, and my grading is generally back to the students within two class periods. I can't relax and enjoy my life if there's something I have to do lurking there in the back of my mind (which is also why I have to run early in the morning, because it ruins the rest of the day if I'm feeling guilty all day for not running yet).

Unfortunately, the rest of the world doesn't work this way, which means I just spent an hour revising my syllabus to reflect updated changes on the part of the department. And I had to file an amended tax return this year when the university sent out forms a month late.

This bothers me to no end. I can't stand to procrastinate. Why does everyone conspire against me, eh? Who's trying to come down on the "gotta get it done NOW" people?

Just my rant for the day. I guess I better get back to my syllabi.


Nate and Nicole said...

Aah... I wish I were more like that! I work better under pressure (or so I tell myself to feel better about my procrastinating ways). But, I totally remember that about you. Before I had even thought about what I was going to write about, you'd be completely done with your paper. It was really quite annoying :) haha.

Elise Decker said...

and we're related.......how?

Ryan and Lindsey said...

Hi Rach. This is Lindsey Morello (now Williams). I found your blog and have enjoyed reading it. I too have this exact same problem. Why can't people plan ahead and get things done before the absolute deadline? I hate how it makes me stress and how I sometimes have to redo what I've all ready done because they were running behind. *sigh* I totally agree. Good luck with everything. Check out our blog when you have a chance:

Scott Durrant said...

(Becca Wilkins says...) I'm one of those people too. The rest of the world just doesn't understand us. When I was moving I would try to get an apartment sooner than the week before I moved or cancel utilites sooner than tomorrow, etc. And people just didn't get it. It drove me crazy. So, I understand your dilema. Here's a quote one of my teacher's taught me (don't know who said it) A lack of preparation on YOUR part does not constitute and emergency on MY part.

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