Saturday, May 03, 2008

meaningful prayers

update on sickness: we're doing better (we being me and also juliet, whose ear infection was so bad that the doctor described it as "blisters." note also that we were at the doctor last week because I was worried that her cold was turning into an ear infection...but there were no signs of any infection. sigh. i think this child may be headed for ear tubes. anyone have experience with that?)

Today being Saturday, we headed outdoors to brave the wind and dig up our lawn some more and plant things all over it. During the course of the morning, Abigail was finally ousted from Juliet's baby swing so that Juliet could have a chance to swing too. Abigail's grievance over this became only too clear today at lunch while she was saying the blessing on the food:

"Heavenly Father, thank you for this day. And thank you for the blue swing that Mommy would not let me ride in and I was very sad because Mommy was mean and said my turn was over and thank you that I had to ride in the yellow swing that was slow because Mommy didn't push it high enough and thank you that Juliet sat in the blue swing and that made me very sad. And thank you for the food..."

I'll spare you the rest (it was reeeeeaaallly long)...I got reprimanded in a prayer by a three-year-old! I guess those "prayers are when we talk to Heavenly Father and tell him our feelings" discussions are sinking in a little too well.


necia said...

Colin and Ian had a lot of ear infections last year ( 9 for Colin, 8 for Ian). Ian even had one of his ear drums burst. When we talked to the doctor about tubes she told us she would like to wait and see if the same thing happened next year before we went to tubes. The reason being it was May, and my boys do not have allergies, so the fluid in their ears should dry up over the summer, and not be a problem. Plus there was a good chance they would out grow the ear infections. So we waited, and I am happy to say that neither one of them has had an ear infection this year. I don't know if this helps, but it might be worth it to wait if she doesn't have allergies.

Kathryn said...

Tyson has had a lot of ear infections since he was 14 months old. The medicine doesn't work with him so he gets a shot every time now, and that works great. I prefer a shot over the tubes. Colt had tubes as a child twice, and I came very close to having them. I just want to hold off as long as possible before Tyson has to have a surgery!

Jenny said...

Keith got tubes when he was 8 months old. With 6 ear infections in 4 months. He went from a baby who never would sleep to a wonderful sleeper. It was the best thing I could have even done! He is a really happy baby, and we hve had no problems. He was totally back to normal after 6 hours of surgery.

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