Friday, September 19, 2008

glory be!

Remember last year when Awesome Neil built this really huge fence around our (big corner lot) lawn, and I sort of helping by mixing concrete and holding posts?

Yeah, that was a big project. But it fit right in, since we were repainting, oh, like THE ENTIRE HOUSE and tearing out tile and the like. It was just the summer of projects.

Anyway, the nice thing about building the fence (aside from the fact that Neil did most of the work) was that it seemed to go fairly quickly. Abigail was content to bang on boards with nails, and apart from the occasional exciting kill-the-carpenter-bee-with-a-tennis-racket game, things were pretty tame.

Since you're supposed to let things sort of weather for a year before you attack it again, this summer's project was staining the fence. Holy cow. That is a BIG PROJECT. Mostly because the stain is too thick to go in a sprayer, so you're applying it by hand to about 1,856, 354 miles of fence (although it went faster because Awesome Neil decided to start doing the big sections with a paint roller, so we only had to use a brush for about a quarter of it). And since you can only do it when the weather's just right and the rain blah blah temperature things etc., it's been our project for the last two months. Which means that our fence has been sort of interestingly colored for the last two months, like this:

Oh yeah, and we had to stain the swingset too.

Anyway, all this buildup is to announce the following:


The last two nights we've just buckled down and gone at it. We've previously been trying to paint only when the kids are asleep, but it gets dark now before they go to bed, and it keeps raining on Saturdays during naptime, so yesterday we finished with only a few casualties: Juliet's clothes were utterly destroyed (she rubbed her little backside over a freshly-painted section, but she was wearing oldish clothes so it wasn't a huge deal), Juliet dipped her hands in a bucket of stain up to the wrist (literally while I was painting the very last board), Juliet devoured several green tomatoes and one rotten cantaloupe (whose existence was previously unknown, since we did not plant cantaloupe this year), Juliet got very angry at green tomatoes and rotten cantaloupe being fished out of her mouth, etc. Abigail spent most of the time running around referring to herself as "Ariel" and begging "Eric," a.k.a. Juliet, to "leave the garden alone and come save me!"

Oh, and some other news: I called the dentist today, asked about alternative methods of pain medication, and found out that I can take a $35 pill previous to my wisdom teeth extraction (plus injectable oral anesthetic) as opposed to the $307 IV (which insurance doesn't cover at all) that they were planning to do. I'm really relieved about this, and irritated that they didn't give me an choice before (thank heavens for our home teacher, who mentioned this option to me this morning while we were riding the bus to school). So I am REALLY relieved about that. It brings the extraction down to just over $500, which is a lot nicer than $800.

And I'm more than halfway through my grading pile...and it's Friday!!


Kilerkki said...

CONGRATULATIONS! That is a huge project and I'm so glad you're happily done with it! And especially that you've found and followed up on an alternate route--hope that pill works well for you! And that you have an awesome weekend.

tricki_nicki said...

Holy cow that looks like a lot of work. You guys are so awesome...always making homemade things and doing hard stuff. I'm trying to be inspired but I'm just so dang lazy. Well, it takes all types to make the world go 'round! ;)

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