Monday, September 08, 2008

math class

Neil: Abigail, if I have one popsicle and Mommy has one popsicle, how many popsicles are there?

Abigail: Two.

Neil: How many do I have if I give mine to Julesie?

Abigail: None.

Neil: What about if I have five popsicles and I give one to Mommy and one to Julesie? How many are left?

Abigail: Three! For me!!


Crapos said...

We play those kind of games with Sadie. So funny to see how the cogs in their lil heads turn. And such a smart girl - claiming all the popsicles!

Anonymous said...

only Neil would start conversations like that. He's the one who taught me all the math I know! Now I'm passing that knowledge on to the lucky students of Willowcreek Middle School.

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