Wednesday, October 01, 2008


So after three (yes, three) nights of waking up about every hour from pain and nausea (generally the 5 a.m. one is bad enough that I'm crying), I gave in today and went to the dentist, except the one who actually did the extraction is on vacation, so I had to go see someone else.

But apparently he had corresponded with the extracting office, so he told me, "yes, they said it was a VERY difficult extraction" which accounts for the fact that the bone is all ripped up with chunks missing, my gums are swollen and inflamed (and in some cases seperated from the teeth), and basically it feels like someone pounded nails through my skull below each ear. Oh, and my jawline is splotched with green and yellow bruises everywhere.

So now I have the dental equivalent of Skele-Gro (in mouthwash form) to try to speed up the bone healing, plus I'm on Vicodin (which is ironic because I was trying desperately to resist the siren call of Tylenol 3 and just taking regular Tylenol and aspirin). And the dentist told me I should be "seeing improvement in a couple of weeks." Should be fun.

Meanwhile, I mostly just feel horrifically guilty about the fact that Neil has been spending a lot of time at home, I haven't been a very interesting or even remotely interactive mom (providing meals and changing diapers is about all I'm capable of at this point), and plus I haven't run since Thursday. Mostly I just wish I was unconcious most of the time.

Now that I have my daily quota of whining in...I'm going to bed. I think we will spend the rest of the day (since Neil won't get home until 9 pm or so) watching princess movies in our pajamas. Pancakes for dinner. Survival mode!


Phil said...

I'm so sorry you're in such pain. I doubt there's much I can do from TX, but if there's anything just let me know.

Heatherbelle said...

You poor thing! I am so so sorry! I should have brought you more popsickles before I left town! I wish I could be there and do something to help you!
-I am mad at that dentist for not sending you to an oral surgeon (a specialist when it comes to extractions). I get really mad when dentists think they can do certain procedures just as well as someone who went to additional schooling to learn how to do the "tough cases". Which is what your case sounds like to me.

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